Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Providers of Abortifacients/Contraceptives with Ads in Bucks Cty Parish Bulletins

Why are pharmacy ads accepted in parish bulletins, unless there is absolute assurance that the pharmacies do not sell contraceptives and/or abortifacients?  The best available sources tell us that there are less than two handfuls of authentically pro life pharmacies in the entire U.S.A., NOT selling contraceptives & abortifacients (cf., One More Soul, Pharmacists for Life International).   

At all but 4 to 7 pharmacies across the country, it appears that the public can readily purchase contraceptives - as well as so-called "contraceptives," which can act as abortifacients!  Most pharmacies (including those in supermarkets and department stores) even carry the notorious Plan B (aka, the "morning after pill," "emergency contraception).  It will soon be the case that minors under 17 will be able to purchase that poison without a prescription! 

It is outrageous that apparent providers of abortifacients/contraceptives (e.g., Mat's, Oxford Valley Pharmacy, Penndel Drugs, Riccio Family Pharmacy, and Shop Rite of Warminster) dare advertise in a parish bulletin.  Scandal becomes all the more apparent, when JS Paluch Sunday Bulletins' claims are considered:
  • "70% of all households are aware of and look at the advertising in the bulletin,"  
  • "68% of households surveyed, when making a choice between businesses, are inclined to choose the one who advertised in the bulletin," and 
  • "41% of households do business with a company specifically because of their advertisement in the church bulletin."
Do Mat's, Oxford Valley Pharmacy, Penndel Drugs, Riccio Family Pharmacy, and Shop Rite of Warminster must think being in a bulletin is tantamount to the "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval"? 

Though bulletins for most of the parishes listed as "Bucks County" are online, it appears that not all online bulletins include the advertisements that appear in hard copies: 

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