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The Scandalous Life of Father Robert Drinan, SJ

"The Strange Political Career of Father Drinan" <> recounts the Jesuit's scandalous tenure in Congress and his continued, post-Congress abortion advocacy. When President Clinton vetoed a ban on partial birth abortion in 1992, "It was...shocking to many people that one of the president's strongest defenders was a Jesuit priest, Father Robert Drinan." As a member of the House of Representatives from 1971 till 1981, Drinan "was perhaps the single most reliable supporter of abortion 'rights.'"

As per Joseph R. Stanton, MD <>, there was, in 1968, "a gaggle of theologians invited to Hyannisport by Senators Robert and Ted Kennedy and the Shrivers for a weekend discussion, a private colloquium on abortion. Former priest Albert R. Jonsen, in a paper titled 'Theological Ethics, Moral Philosophy and Public Moral Discourse,' reports another Hyannisport meeting in 1964 with Senators Ted and Robert Kennedy. Robert was running for the New York Senate seat 'and their political advisors wished to discuss the position a Catholic politician should take on abortion.' Albert Jonsen, then a Jesuit novice, and Fr. Joseph Fuchs, SJ, Fr. Robert Drinan, SJ, Fr. Richard McCormick, SJ, and Fr. Charles Curran of Catholic University of America were among attendees....

"So here we have the 'personally opposed, but reluctantly vote for abortion,' which Ted Kennedy and Fr. Drinan have used so effectively ever since. This has spread as a mantra among 'Catholic' politicians who by their 'personally opposed, but' votes have sustained the ongoing Herodian slaughter of the unborn in the USA....years before Roe and Doe, the stage had been set for surrender of a critical Church position. All of the priests involved were Jesuits, excluding Fr. Curran....

"On 4 June 1996, Robert F. Drinan, S.J., identifying himself as a Jesuit priest and professor of law at Georgetown, endorsed near-birth abortions....On that date, Fr. Drinan in a New York Times Op-ed piece told the president he was right to veto the bill which would have saved viable children from a ghastly and barbaric death....Fr. Drinan’s posture continues to be cited by purported Catholic legislators"

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