Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Back like a bad penny

New Jersey Right to Life recently forwarded an important news item:
  • TRENTON — An abortion doctor who lost his license last year will avoid a court hearing Wednesday because he finally turned over records the state Attorney General subpoenaed in June showing whether he had relinquished control of seven clinics....Without his license, [Steven C.] Brigham was required by state law to divest himself from the clinics he owned in Elizabeth, Mount Laurel, Paramus, Phillipsburg, Toms River, Woodbridge and Voorhees. He turned over the business to the company's medical director, Vikram Kaji.  But when an investigator from the Division of Consumer Affairs performed an unannounced inspection at a clinic in Hamilton April 22, Kaji denied he was the owner. During a closed-door hearing of a committee of the board on May 5, Vikram Kaji 'repeatedly testified under oath that he was not the owner,' according to state records (Susan Livio, Former N.J. abortion doctor turns over clinic records, avoids hearing, 10/20/15).

I can recall going to a prayerful witness against Dr. Kaji's Yardley Boro abortuary with my late mom. Around 1989, Dr. Kaji was "dismissed from the staff of St. Mary Hospital in Langhorne after 19 years. The official reason, he said, was that he had missed too many staff meetings, but he feels the real reason was that he performs abortions.  'The pro-life people put pressure on the administration to do it,' he said" (, 1/29/90).  Now, how on earth was Kaji ever able to have privileges at St. Mary's?
  • "If a Catholic hospital is to carry on its work as an apostolate, its board members and administrators should deal with formal cooperation in various evils by its personnel. If those responsible instead studiously avoid noticing such formal cooperation or decide to tolerate it, they at least materially cooperate in it in a way that hardly can be justified" (The Way of the Lord Jesus, Vol III, 1997).

Among "Catholic" institutions, there remains a need to prevent "a diminution of the prophetic witness to the Faith" (Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, February 2014).  While Dr. Kaji may no longer be associated with St. Mary's, other unbelievable associations abound!  (cf, "the marriage act purged of impurities is the nearest thing to the beatific vision we can know....To offer the suffering of celibacy, temporary or permanent, to the Lord is to make use, in the best possible way, of man's greatest joy")

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