Saturday, June 18, 2011

Oh Canada!

Quebec Province is incredibly beautiful, as well as incredibly sad. While Catholic influence is apparent in the name of virtually every Quebec locale and street, what's been happening with respect to abortion, marriage/family, and prostitution suggests the Catholic influence to be part of a bygone era:

  • "Demographics tell the story of the decline of the Quebec’s Roman Church [sic]. The province-wide rate of church attendance, which, prior to the 1960s ranged between 80 to 90 percent, has now plunged to below eight percent....The decline of church authority is also reflected in the province’s record-low birth rate, increased abortion rate, single parent homes, divorce rates, and reluctance to marry. As early as 2006, Quebec’s population will start to decline because of the low birth rates" (Robert J. Galbratith).

  • "Canada is in fact a 'land without restrictions' with respect to abortion. In Canada abortion is completely legal, at any stage of pregnancy for any reason. Minors do not need parental consent and most parents don’t know this" (Daniel Caza).

  • "Statistics show roughly 90 per cent of young people say they'd like to marry, but that fewer Canadians actually are. The fastest growing relationship form in Canada is cohabitation" (Andrew Mrozek).

  • "The federal and Ontario governments are appealing an Ontario judge's decision that struck down some sections of Canada’s prostitution laws as being unconstitutional....University of British Columbia law professor Janine Benedet made an impassioned plea to protect women who are vulnerable to exploitation. In particular, she noted how aboriginal women make up a disproportionate number of women working in prostitution....she highlighted several international treaties against women's exploitation, including UN treaties against human trafficking....the Canadian Civil Liberities Association argued that the current anti-prostitution laws are putting women's lives at risk....Lawyer Cynthia Petersen...objected to earlier arguments that prostitution is 'inherently degrading' and 'male-dominated'" (Sheila Dabu Nonato).

Clearly, Canada needs our prayers. On this side of the border, better appreciation is needed of Quebec's historic role as the "capitol" of North American Catholicisim.


Mary Queen of the World Cathedral
A fascinating aside: As per Mystery still surrounds Mary Surratt, the Catholic Widow Implicated in Lincoln's Assassination, "'The Conspirator,' a film directed by Robert Redford that examines Mrs. Surratt's role in the Lincoln drama...has fueled even greater public interest in Mrs. Surratt and the extent of her involvement in the Lincoln assassination.... Mrs. Surratt protested her innocence until her last breath on the gallows. 'I am a Southerner, a Catholic, a devoted mother, but no assassin,' she is reported to have said." While Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer doesn't get much into the "Catholic Conspiracy" angle, it indicates that Mary's son John was on the lam in Montreal and wound up with the Papal Zouaves (They seem to have been that era's equivalent of the Swiss Guard.). Anyway, fast forward to the present day: the Papal Zouaves are celebrated in Montreal's Cathedral.
Notre Dame Bascilica

Notre Dame de BonSecours Chapelle

St Patrick's Bascilica, from the bus

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Quebec - a beautiful city!

Notre Dame des Victoires - the oldest church in North America

St Z├ęphirin’s Church, now & in "I Confess"

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The Beatitudes from "Jesus of Nazareth"


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