Sunday, November 16, 2008

‘Win-win’ for Planned Parenthood a Lose-Lose for Taxpayers (B.C. Courier Times, 12/12/08)

According to Jo Ciavaglia, Pennsylvania's new SelectPlan for Women "covers all forms of contraception and other reproductive care." The Department of Public Welfare maintains that this Medicaid waiver program does NOT finance abortions. Yet anyone with a basic understanding of biology has to acknowledge that certain "contraceptives" can work in abortifacient manners. For example, the "pill" can prevent implantation of a new embryo in her mom's uterus. Only a "Brave New World" use of language refers to this as "contraception", when it is obviously an early abortion.

Since Planned Parenthood doubles as the nation's largest abortion provider, its credibility is immediately suspect when it tries to sell the tired notion that still greater availability of contraceptives will reduce the number of abortions. Anyone breathing over the past four decades has seen that the astronomical increase in contraceptive availability has gone hand in hand with an astronomical increase in the demand for abortion. A sex-as-recreation attitude has become entrenched, which demands abortion as a backup for contraceptive failures.

The manufacture and distribution of contraceptives constitutes a multi-billion dollar, international industry. When Ms. Ciavaglia cites the Allen Guttmacher Institute to claim that "Cost is a major reason some women say they cannot use birth control consistently or at all," she fails to identify Allen Guttmacher as Planned Parenthood's research wing. For the year ending June 30, 2007, Planned Parenthood reported that 38% of its $356.9 million in health center income came from contraceptives. Planned Parenthood is not a disinterested bystander.

We are told that the marketing representative for Bucks County Planned Parenthood calls Select Plan a "win-win for the state." In Bucks County, all five "community partners" for SelectPlan sign-ups are Planned Parenthood facilities. Now, let's see how that works:
  • Planned Parenthood promotes an alleged need,
  • Planned Parenthood markets a product,
  • Planned Parenthood signs women up for government funding of the product, &
  • Planned Parenthood sells the product.

  • This cushy arrangement is a "win-win" only for Planned Parenthood! Forcing taxpayers to be complicit in promoting abortifacients is abolutely unjust. I strenuosly object to Planned Parenthood receiving any more of my tax money - not one more dime.

    There are pro life crisis pregnancy centers for helping our fellow citizens, the first of which has just opened in Philadelphia. As reported by Erin Maguire in the Philadelphia Bulletin, "Former Philadelphia Eagle, Rev. Herb H. Lusk II opened The HOPE Center....[which will] provide referrals to organizations that can help women and men with medical, economic and social needs and offer post-abortion support. Future plans include in-house medical services with ultra sound....'We're living in a culture of death....[The HOPE Center] gives people options. We have the positive alternative.'

    Methods of Natural Family Planning can be easily learned and utilized. As they involve no foreign objects or chemicals, these methods are absolutely safe for wife, husband, and pre-born child. No one can even try to make that claim for contraceptives! In my opinion, the Creighton Model FertilityCare System <> constitutes the best of the Natural Family Planning methods.

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