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NFP Awareness Week & Dignitas Personae

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Dear Ms. Stadnyk, Ms. Perri, & Ms. Vourvoulias,

What Does the Church Proclaim Regarding Fertility?

2011 marks the third anniversary of the Vatican’s “Instruction Dignitas Personae on Certain Bioethical Questions.”

Recent years have seen a vast increase in reports of infertility and interest in reproductive technology. When employed by a husband and wife, Dignitas Personae says assistance to AID the “marital act” toward procreation can be moral. Even when used by a husband and wife, Dignitas Personae says that methods REPLACING the marital act are immoral.

  • What efforts AID the “marital act”?

  • What efforts REPLACE the “marital act”?

Dignitas Personae beautifully declares, “Behind every ‘no’ in the difficult task of discerning between good and evil, there shines a great ‘yes’ to the recognition of the dignity and inalienable value of every single and unique human being called into existence” [# 37].

  • What sort of discoveries & developments, attest to God’s “Great ‘Yes’” for all of us?

On Saturday, July 23rd (9:30 am) in Holy Trinity Hall, Holy Trinity of Morrisville is honored to host Lester Ruppersberger, D.O. In addition to his private practice, Dr. Ruppersberger is

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