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"The Clash of Orthodoxies" & the Moral Environment

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I particularly appreciated Professor George's presentation of societal concern for the moral environment: "people who suppose that prostitution, adultery, fornication, & the like are morally innocent are profoundly mistaken....Laws against intrinsic evils such as prostitution, pornography, drug abuse, & the like, as well as those regulating gambling & alcohol, are justified, in part, by a concern to protect the public environment" (pp. 101 - 108)

Pornography is far from victimless: "images such as those offered to readers of Swank tend to corrupt and deprave by doing precisely what they are designed to do, namely arousing sexual desire that is utterly unintegrated with the procreative and unitive goods that give the sexual congress of men and women, as husbands & wives, its value, meaning, & significance....pornography is degrading & dehumanizing for everyone, but I have no doubt that women and girls get the worst of it....Women...are more likely to be abandoned and left unsupported by their sexual partners. They are overwhelmingly more likely to be 'traded in' for younger and sleeker models, even by 'respectable' husbands. It would be very surprising if they were not more likely to suffer domination, exploitation, and abuse....Anyone who makes the stuff available...does an injustice....everybody has a stake in the moral ecology of the community that pornography degrades" (pp. 115 - 121).

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