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It Takes a Family, Supported by the Village

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As per Rick Santorum, "Throughout this book, ...I will be discussing different types of 'captial' and how family breakdown - out-of-wedlock births, divorce, cohabitation, and absentee parenthood - has depleted that capital in recent decades. For it sometimes happens that the patrimony we inherit has not been well cared for by the immediately previous generation....The village elders don't seem to understand that a stable marriage is the greatest protection for children and the most powerful energizer of their success....Ten years after a marriage breaks up, research has shown that approximately two-thirds of children report that they haven't seen their father for over a year....Marriage matters because children matter....The conservative solution to the problems of low-income America, is to structure all our programs around the family, to work with the family rather than against it....In developing my understanding of social policy, I have learned a lot from the tradition of Catholic social thought. In that tradition, there is an important concept called subsidiarity, the principal that all social challenges should be addressed at the level of the smallest social unit possible, preferably the family" (pp. 9 - 68).

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