Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bootlicking: Instructional Guides from Patrick Murphy & Robert Casey, Jr.

Shame on both of you!
In his autobiographical Taking the Hill , Congressman Patrick Murphy proudly proclaims his Irish-Catholic background. He speaks of attending Mass, going to Confession, and participating in Catholic culture, dropping names of local Catholic churches, clergy, religious, and schools. Pathetically, he tries to reconcile his faith with his lockstep support of the rabidly pro-abortion, pro-embryonic stem cell research stances of the Democratic party!

Patrick Murphy may be the real life Forest Gump. In regard to his socio-economic climb up the ladder, he has repeatedly been in the right place at the right time. One leaves a conversation with Murphy with the impression that "West Point professor" must be some sort of typo on his vitae. Clearly, Murphy is in over his head with the Culture of Death proponents in the Democratic leadership - and they know it!

Casey throws in a few words about being pro-life & against abortion. Then he shames himself by kissing up to Obama for merely letting him speak at the convention, when his dad was forbidden from speaking at earlier conventions. This is the United States, Bobby! How dare you take it upon yourself to flatter a rabidly pro-abortion politician for merely letting you say that you are pro-life. Incredibly, Casey closes his embarassing presentation by recalling his dad's rhetorical question about what one did, when one had power. Pathetic.

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