Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Beautiful Gift from Sayreville!

Most Rev. Paul G. Bootkoski, D.D.
Bishop of the Diocese of Metuchen
Post Office Box 191
Metuchen, New Jersey 08840

Your Excellency:

For the first time in a number of years, my wife and I were unable to attend yesterday's March for Life in Washington, D.C. While that was a great disappointment, it afforded us the chance to hear some of the Rally for Life speakers from the nearby state house in Trenton.

In proclaiming that "You have today, and for the rest of my life, an ally....Every life is precious, and a gift from God," Governor Chris Christie spoke the most widely reported words of the day. Yet it was from someone else that I heard the most challenging, insightful, inspiring, well-informed, Pro Life words of my 52 years.

We often hear that there have been 50 million abortions in the United States, since 1973's heinous Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision. As absolutely appalling and tragic as that number is, it is a gross underestimate of the genocide which has been perpetrated. When so-called "contraceptive" abortifacients are rightly included in the count, Pharmacists for Life International estimates that 276,675,000 have been "killed by chemical, mechanical, and surgical abortion since 1973." While we have aborted almost as many Americans as are alive today, the connection between contraceptives, so-called contraceptives, and abortion is invariably the proverbial 800 pound gorilla, whom most people are ignoring. Not so for a courageous young priest from your diocese!

While it was only one priest whom I saw at yesterday's Rally, Father Thomas Ryan, pastor of Our Lady of Victories in Sayreville, spoke louder than any army (literally and figuratively!). While his words were challenging, he absolutely energized the crowd. It is so rare to hear of the connection between contraceptives, so-called contraceptives, and abortions from our pulpits, but Father Ryan spoke that truth from the State House steps! God bless him for his magnificent courage!

Among contraceptives and so-called contraceptive abortiacients, the “Pill” is the most popular temporary method (Particularly since the "Morning After Pill" and the "Pill" can act as abortifacients, I struggle to understand how some pastors include ads in their weekly bulletins for those who market in "hormonal contraceptive" poisons.). According to the U.S. Agency for International Development, “a handful of multinational companies account for the majority of hormonal contraceptive brands registered around the world....[There is] an oligopoly that benefits Western-based large contraceptive manufacturers.” Father Ryan mentioned the involvement of "Ortho" in this type of manufacturing. Central Jersey is also home to Merck/Schering-Plough and Johnson and Johnson, which are among the so-called "top companies" in this "market."

It is to the great shame of the Greater Philadelphia and Central Jersey areas that so much of the world's abortifacient poisons get produced here. I believe that the absolute least which we can do is to restrict our pharmaceutical dollars to those such as the Saint Clare Pharmacy, which are not dealing in abortifacients or contraceptives.


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