Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Holy Redeemer HealthCare at Bensalem!

  • "Fueled by a desire to serve God and spread the healing ministry of their Congregation, the first Sisters of the Holy Redeemer left their home in Germany and came to America in March of 1924....the Sisters built Holy Redeemer Hospital in 1959....As the founders and Sponsors of Holy Redeemer, the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer provides canonical oversight for the services provided by Holy Redeemer, which is a comprehensive network of healthcare and social services that provide a full continuum of care to the community" (Holy Redeemer web site).   

Via my morning newspaper, I just learned that Holy Redeemer Hospital has entered Lower Bucks County.  The newspaper article stressed the opulence of the new facility and mentioned absolutely nothing about Catholic identity.  I suspect that the grandeur and the mission of Holy Redeemer HealthCare at Bensalem would be unrecognizable to the good sisters who founded Holy Redeemer Hospital 54 years ago:
  • "The reception area feels more like the entrance to a four-star hotel or spa. A chandelier with glass leaves hovers over an artificial tree stump table. A 'guide' greets patients and takes them to a 'conversationalist' in a 'living room.'

    "'There are no waiting rooms because we don't want people to wait,' said Christine Holt, vice president of marketing and public affairs who also has the unique title of chief experience officer....

    "And while the patient talks to the conversationalist, his or her family members or friends need not sift through old magazines. They are offered Kindles or they can go to the 'Spark' resource area, complete with computers, WiFi and a 6-foot electric fireplace....

    The medical staff is comprised of three breast care surgeons, a half dozen OB/GYN doctors [Please note: Neither Vahideh T. Ameri, M.D., nor Laura Borthwick-Scelzi, M.D., nor Stuart Z. Dershaw, M.D., nor  Jennifer D. Sock, M.D. nor John M. Stack Jr., M.D. are to be found on a listing of NFP-only physicians.  With hormonal contraceptives being a much bigger money maker, that should help finance the spa-like atmosphere.  Apparently, no one is concerned about the morality of these poisons or their deadly impact upon women.  Pretty misogynistic, in my opinion!] and a family practice that serves patients from newborns to 90, including those with special needs. The doctor also is a certified acupuncturist. A vascular surgeon soon will join the staff....

    "The 'Reflect' room is a multipurpose area adorned with real plants running down portions of the walls. Yoga classes, health lectures and meetings are held there"  (Nature, high-tech themes greet patients at new Bensalem healthcare facility, Bucks County Courier Times, 2/13/13).

Hasn't anyone ever told these people about the Vatican's Jesus Christ the Bearer of the Water of Life: A Christian Reflection on the 'New Age'?  When will Bucks County's Catholic people and others of good will wake up?

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