Friday, March 29, 2013

Ciervo v. McIlhinney

Thank you for forwarding your March 28th op-ed, one day after the Courier Times printed: "Ciervo May Challenge McIlhinney Over Liquor."  As I understand your thoughts and Mr. Ciervo's thoughts on privatization of liquor sales, I am more inclined to agree with your own.  Be assured, however, that this agreement would NEVER lead to my voting for you....

While you identify yourself as a Roman Catholic, Senator, it is no accident that you have been repeatedly endorsed by Planned Parenthood, while they have villified Mr. Ciervo.  Planned Parenthood's 2010 celebration of your most recent victory and denunciation of Ciervo is very telling:

  • "We've relied on you time and time again to help us defeat dangerous anti-choice candidates running for office – like State House candidates Robert Ciervo (Bucks County)... – and we succeeded. We also protected 42 of our pro-choice endorsed candidates"
On this Good Friday, I pray that all Catholics will recommit themselves to working tirelessly for those candidates who will support the most vulnerable human beings.

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