Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bishop Persico's model for dealing with "Catholic" health care

Mr. Bozza,

At the recent PNFPN conference, you spoke of "nightmares" at Philadelphia's Catholic hospitals.  That marked quite a departure from what you previously wrote.  In my opinion, those "nightmares" could be summed up as follows:
    1) the paucity of NFP-only physicians: I have only been able to find one OBGYN from our hospitals on One More Soul's list of NFP only OBGYNs.
    3) "privileges" for associates of practice involved with "fetal reduction": As per posters at, Dr. Frank Craparo is a practitioner of "reduction."  All of St Mary Medical Center's specialists in "Maternal Fetal Medicine" - including Dr. Stephen Smith - are associates of Craparo at "Abington Perinatal Associates."  Smith's name had been removed from St. Mary's online directory, around the time that the Huffington Post reported the following:  Dr. Stephen Smith of St. Mary's performed an ultrasound on an expecting mother and confirmed that the fetus had polycystic kidney disease, a fatal condition in infants. Smith recommended an abortion.... local abortion opponents publicized Smith's advice....any pledge to support Catholic doctrine on medical matters is broadly viewed as a formality to be agreed to and then summarily ignored."
Bishop Persico of Erie is to be applauded for removing the label "Catholic" from a hospital in his NW Pa diocese (  It appears that Bishop Persico was following Pope Benedict XVI's guidance and doing what the situation demanded:
In the case of Bishop Persico's hospital, it appears that they were at least being forthright. In our archdiocese, hospitals are shamelessly claiming to be "Catholic" in spite of easy-to-find outrages.

Come Judgement Day, won't each of us be answerable for situations of turning our backs and letting evil thrive?

Thank you,

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