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re: "Why they walked away from St. Joseph the Worker"

If you have not yet seen it, there is an incredible reflection in today's Courier Times on the closings of St. Joseph the Worker, St. Ann St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Our Lady of Fatima, and Immaculate Conception:
"Three reasons for Catholic decline predate the scandal: the sin of contraception, the assimilation of Catholics into American culture and the secularization or 'paganization' of baptized Catholics.....

[With regard to contraception;] "no kids means no Catholics and no need for Catholic parishes....

"Catholics were accepted into the mainstream because so many lived openly double lives: attending Mass while rejecting church moral teachings....

[Pre-Christian Rome] "was characterized by promiscuity, birth control, abortion, recreational drugs, and the normalization of infanticide, polygamy and slavery. Christians were martyred for calling out pagan cruelties and inhumanity.

"What is the future for loyal Catholics whose faith commands calling out cultural atavism? It ain’t pretty....

"St. Joseph the Worker, pray for us" (Why they walked away from St. Joseph the Worker, Courier Times, 7/1/14).

Wow!  "The Sin of Contraception"!  Not something you hear much about from the pulpit, is it? 

By the way, One More Soul and Pharmacists for Life International have only been able to identify handfuls of pharmacies - across the country - which do NOT sell contraceptives and abortifacients. (e.g., hormonal contraceptives).  Incredibly, a few pharmacies that sell these poisons have been long advertised in some local parish bulletins - receiving a quasi "imprimataur," if you will!  How could the laity not be confused by such mixed messages?

On the web page of Bucks County's Catholic hospital (http://www.stmaryhealthcare.org/physicians), we are told that 
  • "....St Mary Medical Center is a Catholic healthcare facility that strives for the highest ideals of quality care and institutional integrity. St. Mary Medical Center is firmly committed to maintaining fidelity to its Catholic identity by closely conforming to the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services.
    "Health Care practitioners at St. Mary Medical Center abide by the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services while providing care at any of the St. Mary Medical Center campuses.  Many of these practitioners also provide services outside of St. Mary Medical Center where there is no institutional obligation to practice under the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services...."
That reasoning helps to explain why only one OBGYN can be found on a directory of NFP only physicians!

If you follow St. Mary's web page to "Find a Perinatology Specialist", you will be led to Doctors Stephen Smith, Richard Latta, and Marc Rosenn - all of Abington Perinatal Associates.  At Abington, their associate, Dr. Frank Craparo has been reported to be involved with fetal "reduction" – a euphemism for abortion (See http://www.fertilethoughts.com/forums/selective-reduction-termination-due-health-issues/692269-fyi-something-my-dr-said-others-might-find-interesting.html). 

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