Saturday, April 30, 2011

"The Pill Kills Marriages: American Life League calls for nationwide protest of the pill"

As so beautifully explained by the American Life League,

"Marriage and conjugal love are ordered by nature and by God toward two ends:

  1. Procreation and the nurturing and education of children.

  2. Strengthening the loving bond between the spouses, creating society’s most important community, the family, in which to raise children.

"The pill has as its goal rendering intercourse sterile or, alternatively, making it impossible for the newly created child to live. Its chemical composition has a profound negative impact on the bonding and relationship of the couple as well. Thus, the use of the pill strips marriage of its meaning and purpose....even if one ignores the spiritual consequences that arise when oral contraceptives are introduced into marriage, the chemical repercussions of the pill can have a devastating, even lethal impact on marriage."

The American Life League has issued an invitation to join them, "as women's advocates across the nation protest the pill outside Planned Parenthood facilities, pharmacies, and contraceptive manufacturers' facilities on Saturday, June 4."

As it happens, Mercer County, New Jersey is home to one of the world's leading manufacturers of contraceptives/abortifacients, known as "The Pill" (Since hormonal "contraceptives" can work in an abortifacient manner (See "How 'The Pill' Works as an Abortifacient"), simply calling "The Pill" a "contraceptive" is inadequate and misleading.):

Would you consider sponsoring a prayerful witness on June 4th, near Ortho-McNeil Janssen?

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