Saturday, May 5, 2012

Holy Redeemer's IVF Specialists' Ad in the Bucks County Courier Times

Your Excellency, Mr. Bozza, Sister, & Dr. Coletta,

If I am not mistaken, these sentences appear to have just been recently added to the "Find a Physician" page on Holy Redeemer's web site:
  • "As a Catholic healthcare provider, Holy Redeemer expects that all health care practitioners adhere to the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services at health system locations. We are committed to maintaining the highest professional standards while promoting our commitment to human dignity and the common good."
Considering certain physicians who are allowed to practice at Holy Redeemer, the above sentences strike me as naive, at best. 

Please see the below ad from Abington Reproductive Medicine (ARM), which appeared in Thursday's Bucks County Courier Times.  ARM's Drs. Larry Barnat, Jennifer Nichols, and Steven Somkuti continue to be associated with Holy Redeemer.  Barnat, Nichols, and Somkuti are specialists in such absolutely prohibited practices as IVF, so-called egg donation, and so-called gestational surrogacy.  What do we possibly imagine they are discussing with patients at Holy Redeemer?

Catholic lay people are being called to fight against the draconian HHS mandates, which seek to force Catholic hospitals to be involved with absolutely immoral practices.  To maintain credibility as a facility worthy of this fight, I believe that Holy Redeemer must remove privileges from Drs. Barnat, Nichols, and Somkuti.  Even a CHAUSA publication has acknowledge that 

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