Saturday, November 24, 2012

Your Excellency, all of Holy Redeemer's "Reproductive Endocrinologists & Obstetricians" are IVF specialists.

With regard to practitioners of morally excluded services, it cannot be legitimately argued that Holy Redeemer is MERELY providing hospital privileges, under some sort of supposed legal duress.  As Holy Redeemer's web site cheerily tells the unsuspecting, "If you’re pregnant or planning on having a baby, you’ve come to the right place. Our board-certified obstetricians offer the latest medical expertise that can help maintain your health and the health of your baby at a convenient location near you."

While NONE of Holy Redeemer's obstetricians is to be found on a list of NFP-only physicians, Holy Redeemer is actively promoting providers of IVF and so-called "pre-implantation genetic diagnosis."  After sperm and egg have joined outside the mom's body, "pre-implantation genetic diagnosis" facilitates the discarding of supposedly "defective" new human life.  The Vatican clearly reiterated its opposition to such Brave New World atrocities in Dignitas Personae.  Yet, EACH AND EVERY ONE of Holy Redeemer's "Reproductive Endocrinologists and Obstetricians" is an IVF specialist!   I do not understand how Holy Redeemer has been flying under the radar of moral accountability, sometimes seeming invisible to Catholic clergy and ethicists and other pro life voices.  Come Judgement Day, how will we possibly explain our silence to our tiniest brothers and sisters?   

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