Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Understanding "Intelligent Design"

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William Dembski, who has Ph.D.s in both math & philosophy (as well as degrees in theology & psychology), asks:
* "How do we recognized the `finger of God'? By witnessing something that God alone could have done...by witnessing a sign that is uniquely specific to God" (p. 36)
* "For those who cannot discern God's action in the world, the world is a self-contained, self-sufficient, self-explanatory, self-ordering system. Consequently they view themselves as autonomous & the world as independent of God. This severing of the world from God is the essence of idolatory & is in the end always what keeps us from knowing God" (p.99).
To properly appreciate this work, one needs both a keen mind and an advanced statistical background. How ironic that the media wishes to portray advocates of intelligent design as less than intelligent themselves! Three decades ago, I began college as a math major. Yet, I must confess that I found the stats in this book absolutely challenging.

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