Monday, January 15, 2007

Get un"Unprotected"

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"Unprotected" deserves a reading from anyone concerned about the well being of college students. According to Anonymous, M.D., campus health centers - perhaps inadvertently - give winking approval to sexual promiscuity. She asserts that they function more to advance agendas, than to promote the well being of their patients.

From a medical perspective alone, Dr. A. maintains that good old love and fidelity are inarguably the best protections against unplanned pregnancies and STDs. Yet such common sense is lost, she asserts, amidst proliferation of misinformation on sexually-related topics. She further argues that no serious look is taken at the relation between rising rates of depression and the aftermath of abortion.

Because it is a truth which does not fit the "in" agenda, Dr. A. maintains that campus health centers fail to acknowledge the positive role of Church attendance against depression and self- destructive behaviors.

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