Monday, May 20, 2013

The St Clare Pharmacy Does NOT Sell Abortifacients/Contraceptives

Ms. Terri Rivera
Mr. Greg Wozniak
St Mary Medical Center
Langhorne, Pennsylvania

Ms. Rivera and Mr. Wozniak,

The St Clare Pharmacy Does NOT Sell Abortifacients/Contraceptives!  Before comfortably saying that, I stopped by the pharmacy and asked whether a prescription could be filled for a product which is a hormonal contraceptive.  After the clerk inquired as to what the product was, she was firm that it would not be filled.  Excellent!

Do you realize that this puts the retail pharmacy of the St Mary Medical Center in a group of less than two handfuls in the entire United States? (cf, One More Soul, Pharmacists for Life International).  Catholics in the Greater Philly and Greater Trenton areas need to vote with their feet and patronize your pharmacy.


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