Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Thunder's & Yankees' New Pitching Rubber

As per the team's web site, "With the inception of the Trenton Thunder in 1994 came a commitment from the organization to be a part of the community in which it was established. The Thunder have lived up to this commitment with Trenton Thunder Charities, which at the conclusion of the 2012 season had donated in excess of $4.7 million worth of goods, services and monetary donations, through a variety of community programs."  Anyone who has been to a Thunder game over the past two decades can attest to the Thunder organization (Double A affiliate of the New York Yankees) doing an excellent job of providing wholesome, family-oriented entertainment.  Fans seem to particularly appreciate the contrast with the exorbitant prices charged to bolster super-inflated salaries at the major league level.

In what should be a completely unrelated item, "Trojan remains the top-selling condom in the U.S. and a key growth driver for parent company Church & Dwight, also known as Arm & Hammer....The 80-year-old Trojan workhorse of a brand continues to release new types of prophylactics to maintain market leadership....This year Trojan is sponsoring an exhibit on the history of condoms at the Museum of Sex....The exhibit is called 'RUBBERS: the Life, History & Struggle of the Condom'" (CNBC, 7/13/10).

On May 6th, the Trenton Thunder had their home opener in their 19 year old stadium, which has just been renamed Arm & Hammer Park.  "For Arm & Hammer, the promotional opportunities that will exist with a team that draws from a 100 mile radius are very strong, and the connection to the even bigger Yankees brand is an added plus....The Thunder get to partner with a national brand with local roots, raise their profile, offsetting costs to the bottom line and giving them a chance to enhance their fans with new promotions, many of which can serve as a trial balloon" [Your guess is as good as mine, as to whether a pun was intended.] (Trenton Thunder Stadium Gets Arm & Hammer Name...Not Trojan Condoms, Newsroomjersey, 11/16/12).

Especially considering their claim of a commitment to charitable causes and their provision heretofore of wholesome, family-oriented entertainment, I find the new affiliation with Arm & Hammer to be an excellent reason to root for the Phillies or the Mets.

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